National Science Day celebrated

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National Science Day celebrated at Parijat Academy. Teachers address to students on C V Raman and Raman Effect. Students makes science model and displayed and teachers conducted Science  Quiz to make the students interest on Science.

School uniform distribution

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Rajeev Nohria and his mother  donated  school  uniform for 30  children of Parijat  Academy. Children are so happy to received new school uniform. Thanks to Rajeev ji and your mother for your support.

Student Solar Ambassador Workshop 2019

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2nd October 2019: Gandhi Global Solar Yatra arranged by Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, New Delhi. Student Solar Ambassador Workshop 2019, hands-on training to assemble solar study lamps. 100 Parijat  Academy students took part in the workshop.

Skill Development

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Girls at Parijat  Academy stitch bag from waste cloths. Instead of using single-use plastic encouraging to local people to use cloth bag which made from waste clothes.  


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Handloom program started  at Parijat  Academy. Students at Parijat  are giving opportunity to learn weaving a part of social useful productive work.

Milk programme for Nursery Children

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Joy of giving. 15th November, 2018 Thursday milk program for the nursery kids supported by, Nita Sairam Parmar, Pushpa Ramji, Santhi Sripathyand donors. Thank you so much for your love and regular support.

Girls Dormitory

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Currently there are 28 girls. The girls need  dormitory with attached bathroom has fulfilled by Lynette and Elise with their generous  support  with two room building. We at Parijat  express  our sincere thanks and gratitude to Lynette and Elise for your generous  support.

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