In 2018, Anjana Ingti, the first girl from Garbhanga, secured 1st division in HSLC examination.  Her life is a battle where she is the caretaker of her long ailing mother, helper hand for her farmer father, and a resident of hometown with no basic facilities like electricity, sanitation, and education. You can help Anjana and many more like her through our program of sponsoring a child.

Help them by sponsoring their education. We look forward to communicating with you. Donors will be provided with detailed progress of the sponsored child regularly.

Sponsor A Child
  • Rs 200 ensures a child is provided with “an egg a day” or equivalent vegetarian diet to supplement the child’s nutrition for a month

  • Rs 425  underwrites the tuition fees for a child for a month

  • Rs 2,200 provides a child with an egg a day or equivalent vegetarian diet for every school day in a year

  • Rs 5100 ensures a child is able to attend school for a full year

  • Rs 17,000 caters for boarding fees of a child for a year allowing underprivileged children from remote forest and hill villages to attend school