The inauguration programme was held on 25th April 2019 at Parijat. Mrs Madhu Periwal President of Mahila Mangal spoke in details about the features of the digi school smart board and benefit for the school children.

Mr Rahul Periwal and Tushar Periwal demonstrated the system among the school teachers how it can be operate smoothly. Mrs Madhu Periwal President, Poonam Todi Secretary, Rachana Choudhury Treasurer were interacted with the school students.


Mahila Mangal a voluntary organisation sponsored Digital Classroom for the school children at Parijat Academy. Digital classroom introducing technology in education, the device include white board, projector, sound boxes and computer system.


Others members were Manju Pasari, Seema Goenka, Savita Jain, Manisha Deorah, Sangeeta Baruch, Neeta Agarwal, Shilpa Chandak, Neha Agarwal and Rajni Bhoopal attended in the programme and their presence has encouraged the students and teachers of the school. Parijat Academy express sincere thanks to Mahila Mangal for sponsoring the Digital Classroom project. click