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Parijat Academy welcomes volunteers from all countries and backgrounds!

Volunteers are an essential part of the school:

We need your help to maintain and advance the quality of the education and to develop new projects as well as to keep existing ones going.

Food and accomodation  for volunteers at Parijat Academy. There are four rooms for the volunteers with two beds each. Two of the rooms share an attached bathroom. For the other two rooms, there is a common bathroom available. We have blankets and mosquito nets for our guests.

People staying here can learn a lot about Assamese lifestyle and culture by being an active part of the everyday life of the school and living in the village.

We need volunteers to help us with following tasks:

  • Teaching (English, computer class, art class, etc.)
  • After school activities with the children (photography, soccer, art, drama, dance, music, crafting, gardening, etc.)
  • Organic farming
  • Vocational training (weaving, stitching, carpentry, etc.)
  • Documentation
  • Fundraising
  • Outreach/communication
  • Day care centre for handicapped children (planned, trained volunteers needed)

If you have any ideas for new projects, you are highly welcome to let us know. Your initiative is appreciated!

Frequently asked questions:

Q: For how long should/can I volunteer?

A: Generally 4 weeks or longer, but we do accept short term volunteers.

Q: How do I apply for volunteering?

A: Just write to [email protected] and say when you would like to volunteer.

Q: What are the working hours?

A: If you teach, the school hours are from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM. If you do other work you can choose when to do it.

Q: What kind of food will there be?

A: Assamese food; there are three simple meals a day.

Q: What is there to do around Parijat Academy in the free time?

A: See the Deepor Beel wetland, go trekking or rock climbing, explore Guwahati, visit Balaji, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, and Umananda Temples…

Q: How do I get to Parijat Academy?

A: From Guwahati Airport it’s 17 kms to Parijat Acedemy and from Guwahati Railway Station it’s 10 kms, from there a bus/taxi is available .

Q: Do I need to speak Assamese?

A: It’s not required, but it will help you. If you want we can help you learn it.